How Can I Run GW BASIC On My Computer ? From Where Can I Get It.....?


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GW-BASIC is a programming language. It is defined by the proper functioning of only one program, which is called GWBASIC.EXE. This program is called an interpreter. The GW-BASIC programming language can only be run by running this interpreter. It translates programs which are constructed according to the only language which it can comprehend.

No other program (except the GWBASIC.EXE interpreter program) can be used to execute the GW-BASIC programming language. Only the GWBASIC.EXE interpreter program is capable of effectively interpreting, compiling and translating the GW-BASIC programming language.

The GWBASIC.EXE interpreter program can be got by installing it onto your personal computer (which is abbreviated as PC). It is a program which is not of a very large size by the standards of the modern-day programs. It only occupies 79 kilobytes of space (which is abbreviated as 79Kb) on your disk, and so it is easy to make several copies of it as back-up for the master program.
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