How Do I Enlarge Web Page So There Are No Blank Space On Each Sides?


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Press ctrl button on the keyboard and start.. Mise scroll button to increase or's very easy..
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1. The browser status bar has a 100%, click the option
2. Zoom web page, hold
down the keyboard Ctrl key and then the + sign, narrow web press and hold the
keyboard Ctrl key and then -sign.
3. Hold down the keyboard Ctrl key, and then
slide the mouse wheel
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How do I enlarge my homepage when I log on.  I have about a 1 in. Border on either side of the homepage.
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You don't make it clear whether you're experiencing the problem as someone who's visiting the web page or as someone who's designing it. I'm going to assume the former. The problem arises because websites are usually designed to accommodate visitors running monitors with different resolutions. You probably have a large monitor running in a large resolution. The simplest way of solving the problem is to zoom in on the page using the CTRL and + keys.

If you have a mouse with multiple buttons, you can bind this key combination to one of its buttons, then zoom in very easily. The same key combination works in multiple browsers.

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