What Is .com Called And Is It Different In Other Countries?


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Dot-Com: The dot-com which stands for "commercial" was first established in 1985 which is currently under the control of Verisign company, and the U.S top at that movement and still using this Top Level Domain (TLD).    Many companies in different parts of the world own this Top Level Domain because it is considered desirable as it was the first commercial Top Level Domain . As there has been no restriction that who can use .com domain so its popularity became much higher in 1990's era as new companies were emerging and they preferred to use .com as Top Level Domain.    But as the time passed there are some new version of the domains e.g. .biz (business), .edu(education), .gov (government), .net (network) etc, and the introduction of these version caused some damage to the dot-com popularity. Many countries prefer to use second level domain under there own ccTLD and they are usually in the form of .com.xy or .co.xy etc. E.g. Pakistan has in which .com is the top level domain while .pk is the second level domain other examples are (United Kingdom),    As there is no such kind of rule that who can register the .com version there are some problems as well e.g. A non-profit organization is using .com which may be considered contrary to the domains original pupose the .org or .gov could be more appropriate for such organizations. Now a days the strategic people are very much aware of it  and chooses the domains which suits to them e.g. Now a days the media channel uses .tv domain, the non-governmental organization are using .org which is a very good sign.
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URL: Uniform Resource Locator.
A common URL looks like this . Now this URL can be divided into four main branches http://, www, blurtit, com. Each part of the URL are described below.
1.   HTTP.
Http stands for hyper text transfer protocol. It is the internet protocol used to help the internet traffic to communicate with each other. There are other types of internet protocol are also available such (FTP, IP etc).
2.  WWW.
Www stands for world wide web. It indicate the network you are going to login into.
3.  Domain Name (blurtit in this example)
This is the name of the website we choose at the time of registration. You can register any name subject to the availability of domain name. If the domain name is owned by some one else, then you can not register it again.
4.  Com

The com is short for commercial. This part of the URL shows the type of the websites the URL represents. For example if the University launches its websites, then the URL should look like . The edu means "Educational" so this is more meaningful than because university provides its services in Education. A Network company site might look something like this . The net at the end of URL specify the type of the website.
The URL is further improved and now the country prefix like .uk (UK,).pk (Pakistan) etc is also used at the end of site to specify the country the site it belongs to.

As far as your question is concerned .com, .org, .edu, .net remains every where in the world irrespective of the country it resides in or belongs to.
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A country code top-level domain (ccTLD) is a domain category
which is generally reserved or used for a country, a dependent territory or an
independent state. Generally, country code top-level domains contain two
letters. For instance, .US is the internet ccTLD for United States.

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