What Is Difference Between Software Project And Other Projects?


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There might be many differences but according to my knowledge there are four basic differences between software project and other projects.

1) software project are based  on logical work ,while other are based on physical work.

2) we can't measure complexity of software project until we actually work on it.

3)there is invisibility of progress in software projects.means customers of software project can't see the outcome in middle of project, because customers don't know about coding and other technical work.and as we know an incomplete project will not give an outcome. Consequently it becomes very difficult to satisfy customers of software project that actually their work is being done by team.

4)one good point of software projects is that,they  are flexible. Customer only wants final result,so rest of things are in control of programmer ,he can modify software at any stage.
While this thing is not in other projects, as every thing is in front of customer he is aware about progress he can view what work is being done by project manager and team so it is not in the hands of project team to make changes at any stage of project development.

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