What Is RMMM Stands For In Managing Software Project?


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Risks are potential problems that might affect the successful completion of a software project. Risks involve uncertainty and potential losses. Risk analysis and management is intended to help a software team understand and manage uncertainty during the development process. The important thing is to remember that things can go wrong and to make plans to minimize their impact when they do. The work product is called a Risk Mitigation, Monitoring, and Management Plan (RMMM).

Reactive Risk Management

– project team reacts to risks when they occur
– mitigation—plan for additional resources in anticipation of fire fighting
– fix on failure—resource are found and applied when the risk strikes
– crisis management—failure does not respond to applied resources and project is in jeopardy

Proactive Risk Management

- formal risk analysis is performed
- organization corrects the root causes of risk
– examining risk sources that lie further the bounds of the software
– developing the skill to manage change

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