Can You Describe A Graphic Packages?


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The old saying a picture is worth a thousand can never be denied. Picture save our perception and help us to communicate. When children first begin to read they are always fascinated by illustrations.

The graphics refers to the representation of images on two dimensional surface. Application software packages designed to allow the user to display or create images on computer screen or to print images on a printer called graphic software.. the operation of graphics packages can be as simple as selecting options from menu, or as complex as being given control; of the individual dots on monitor screen, called pixel to create images.

Each display screen has a certain number of pixels. By controlling these pixels you can create graphic images with desired detail. The number of dots on a screen determines the resolution of the screen. Low resolution screens have 320 by 200 pixels while a high resolution can have as 1024 by 1024 pixels. If the dots are controlled individually and images are displayed in the form of dot patterns, the graphics are said to be raster or bit mapped. If the dots on the screen are controlled as a graph and images are displayed as lines and arcs then the graphics are called character graphics or vector graphics.
Types are
1) various types of graphics packages uses are
2) analysis graphics
3) computer aided designs
4) presentation graphics
5) creative paint
6) draw and animation programs
7) multimedia program

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