How might you use PowerPoint in your workplace, school, community or other context?


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Microsoft Office's slideshow creation and display program "PowerPoint" is an incredibly useful and powerful application with many uses in schools, colleges, universities, workplaces and many more. For each location that PowerPoint could be used there are an infinite different number of ways in which it could be used.
Foremost, for use in the classroom, PowerPoint can be used in many ways; for subjects where there is a definite correct or incorrect answer, a question can be posted on one slide and the answer on the next and this can be used for whole class testing. Higher up in the academic ladder with higher education and universities, notes can be typed up and projected onto a board, to make lessons easier for a teacher as they can be repeated time and time again without having to be written by hand on the board each time. Another advantage of doing teaching this way is that time can be spent discussing points on the board instead of time wasted writing the notes. These slide shows can then be either emailed, posted online on slide show sharing sites or printed so that students can catch up if any work was missed, or to ensure that their notes taken are comprehensive and to assist with revision.

In the wider community the uses for slideshows are endless. Shops may have slideshows on display in stores advertising products and offers that are currently on in store, as slide shows can be made to be very eye catching with pictures, colours, videos, music and sleek transmissions they are very effective and give consumers a good impression of the retailer. In business, PowerPoint presentations are frequently used in meetings to assist the chair of the meeting help convey their point. As well as offering a visual breakdown of the notes of the meeting, any diagrams, charts or graphs that need to be shown to emphasise a point can be shown in their full glory with indicators to show important or surprising movements within a chart. Investment bankers specialising in the mergers and acquisitions department of their bank will use slide shows daily for meetings with investors and companies who they want to invest in. They use PowerPoint as such an integral part to their pitch as it is so effective for what they need to do; show people in an easy and useful manner.
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If you are a student in school you can use PowerPoint to present a report using text and graphics to illustrate your report. My 4th, 5th and 6th graders do this when they have gone to a camp. They take digital pictures and put them together in PP and on each
slide of the presentation they have information explaining what the picture is about, what they experienced and what they learned. In PP you can add sound files, like clapping for applause at the conclusion of your presentation, you can make you text appear on screen in a variety of ways to keep the viewer interested.

In the business world PP would be used to promote a product and the presentation would illustrate its many uses and how it could saves lives, or money, or the environment and so on.

Below are 3 various descriptions I pulled off the internet to describe what PP is and why/how it is used:

1.) PowerPoint is a program to enhance your oral presentation which keeps the
audience focused on your subject. It’s like an old-fashioned slide show
projector, but uses computers and digital projectors instead.

2.) PP is a complete presentation graphics package. It helps you to make a professional looking presentation. It offers easy to use WP, outlining, graphing, drawing, and presentation management tools. You can also import files created in other MS products like Excel and Word.

3.) PP presentations are made up of a number of individual "slides". These slides might contain text, movies, graphics, and other objects, which can may be positioned anywhere on the slide. You can print out the presentation or it can be displayed on a computer and navigated through by at the command of the presenter. PP provides you with three different types of movements:

  1. Custom animations provide you with - Entrance, emphasis, and exit of elements
  2. Transitions are movements between slides which can be animated in many different ways
  3. You can create custom animations for story boards by animating pictures to
    enter, exit or move
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When I need to make a presentation in the company, I can use the power point to show the outline of my presentation. That can help audiences to understand what I want to talk about.
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Powerpoint is an excellent way to get good exposure in a short span of time. I have attempted many ideas to get exposure for a school management software brand and yes, Powerpoint helped me to quickly get 400 views in just three to four days and I am glad to release the other announcements of the brand using Powerpoint templates and most importantly, the brother of Powerpoint " Slideshare" together can be used as a good marketing tool to get a quick exposure. See how I did PenPencilEraser Presentation

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  • In your PowerPoint arrangement, add a slide that has a substance placeholder. Now tick the last of the 6 symbols in the center of the slide. The icon will have a occur showing include video.
  • If you’re utilizing PowerPoint 2011 or previous, clicking the symbol will exhibit an Insert videotape (Windows) or Insert picture (Mac) dialog box, & you can double-tick the file you desire in your file browser.

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When I am doing project work. Or it can also be used to show people information by slides in your workplace

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