How Do You Make A Powerpoint Presentation About Yourself?


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When you are making a PowerPoint presentation on yourself you need to think of the audience, what they already know about you and what you would like them to know.

If you have any problems with using PowerPoint, once you open the program you will see a button that says 'help'. Within this help area, there is a 'how to make a PowerPoint presentation' which will help you along your way.

Things you should think about including when making a powerpoint presentation about yourself could include:

  • Introduction
Introduce yourself. Make sure that you have enough information about yourself in the presentation so that people will know who you are when they are listening to the rest of the presentation. If it is a work presentation make sure that you put your job title and explain what you do. If the presentation has a more personal feel then mention a few things such as where you are from and if you have any pets etc. Just a few simple facts so that people will understand what your personality is like.

  • Reason why you are making a presentation about yourself
This way the audience will understand what you are trying to achieve and they will understand why you are presenting.

  • Likes
Talk about what you like. If this is a work presentation, talk about your job, what gets you up in the morning and why it enthuses you. Put some visual aids such as pictures or videos on the slides so that your audience will know what you are talking about when you mention a place or a person and they will feel more involved.

  • Dislikes
Put your dislikes in the presentation. You could put anything in here but if it is a professional presentation then do make sure that your dislikes can be taken in jest and that you won't get in trouble for them.
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When you first open up Microsoft Powerpoint you will need to select one of the options. You can choose to create a new Powerpoint presentation using one of these options. Perhaps the best option to select if you haven't created a presentation before would be 'AutoContent Wizard'. Click on this option. A pop-up wizard will appear, informing you of the stages which you will be taken through to create your presentation. Click 'Next' Next, you will need to select what type of presentation you wish to create. You wish to create a personal one, so click 'Personal', and then select whether or not you wish to create a personal home page, or a flyer. When you have selected one, click 'Next'. Next, select what the presentation will be used for, such as informal meetings or for the internet. When you have selected one, click 'Next'.

Next, select the options which you want to be applied to your presentation. If you selected handouts or informal meetings, then you will be able to select your presentation style. If you selected internet, then you will have copyright options etc. Click 'Finish' when you have finished selecting the options. Your presentation should now be created.
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Don't no how to start my power point presentation about my self?
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Simple!!! Go onto power point, drag your pictures in from your files and type away!

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