What Are Application Software Utility Packages ?


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Word processing software is used to produce letters, applications and other documents. Ms word is an example of word processing software. Spreadsheet program is used for calculations. It provides worksheets to enter data. A worksheet is a collection of rows and columns. It is used to make different calculations using formulas and built-in functions. It provides the facility to display data using charts and figures. MS Excel is an example of spreadsheet software. Database is an organized collection of related data that is stored in an efficient and compact manner. It is used to store information and then search this information quickly. MS Access and oracle are examples of database software.

Graphics software is used to produce advertisements, posters etc. It can also be used to draw pictures and figures. CorelDraw and Photoshop are examples of graphic software. Communications software is used to communicate with different people using Internet. The communication is of different types. The user can communicate by sending the email or voice mail. MSN Messenger, Outlook Express, Mirc and Internet Explorer are the examples of communications software.

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