What Are Some Examples Of Utility Software?


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A Utility software is actually a kind of computer software which is designed to help in management and tuning of computer hardware, operating system and application software. It performs a single task or a number of small tasks. The examples of Utility software are as follows:
- Disk defragmenters
- System Profilers
- Virus scanners
- Application launchers
- network managers
- Encryption utilities.

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1 defragmenting utility

2 anti-virus utility

3 time utility

4 date utility

5 copying utility
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A utility program is a type of system software that is used to performs a specific task it is normally used to solve the common problems of software and hardware.

Some examples of utilities programs are as follows:

File Viewer: File viewer is used to view and manage files in computer systems. All operating systems provide file viewers. Windows explorer is an example of file viewer.

File compressor: File compressor is used to shrink the size of files. It smaller size of file is easy to copy. A large volume of data can be transferred by using file compressor. WinZip is an example of file compressor.

Diagnostic Utilities: Diagnostic utility is used to detect problems of hardware and software. All operating systems provide different diagnostic utilities to manage the computer system.

Disk Scanner: Disk scanner is used to detect physical and logical problems of disk. All operating systems provide disk scanners to manage computer disks.

Antivirus: A type of software that is used to detect and remove viruses is called antivirus software. Antivirus programs contain information about different known viruses. They can detect viruses and remove them.
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Data recovery utility
backup utility
detragmention utility
data compression utility
virus protection utility
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Programs which provide service to users are known as utility softwares.
Utility softwares can be of many types like backup and restore, compression, security, disk maintenance, encryption, system profile, virus scanner, archive which may include winrar etc etc etc
read more on the link

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1. Dick defragmenter/ back-up / anti-virus / dick clean up / recycle bin
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Disk formatter: FDISK, format
disk checker: Fsck
disk cleaner
system profiler
file system compression
* Files and directories
list directory: Ls, dir
copy, move, remove: Cp, mv, rm, xcopy
archive: Tar
compression: Zip
format conversion: Atob
comparison: Diff
sort: Sort
* Security
authentication: Login
antivirus software: Avast, Norton Antivirus
firewall: Zone Alarm, Windows firewall
encryption: Gpg)
* Editors for general-purpose formats (as opposed to specific formats like a word processing document)
text editor: Emacs
binary editor, hex editor
* Communications
mail transfer agent: Sendmail
e-mail notification: Biff
file transfer: Ftp, rcp, Firefox
file synchronisation: Unison, briefcase
chat: Gaim, cu
directory services: Bind, nslookup, whois
network diagnosis: Ping, traceroute
remote access: Rlogin, ssh
* Software development
compiler: Gcc
build: Make, ant
preprocessor: Cpp
debugger: Adb, gdb
installation: Apt-get, msiexec, patch
compiler compiler: Yacc
* Hardware
device configuration: PCU, devman, stty
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Examples of utility programs are antivirus software, backup software and disk tools. Let's look at each of these in a bit more detail. Antivirus software, as the name suggests, helps to protect a computer system from viruses and other harmful programs.

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Simply Put utility software completes tasks on its own without any input from the user.


Anit-virus, Defragmenter etc. Counts

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A utility program is a type of system software that is used to performs a specific task to solve the common problems of software and hardware-related connection, like

Disk Cleaner

Disk Defrag

Registry Cleaner

Password Generator

File Backup

System Optimizer

Any app that helps you to embrace better computer experience, belongs to utility software. There are also many apps that have comprehensive functions like all-in-one PC utiltity, Neptune SystemCare.

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They are types of software that is used to solve problems of both software and hardware.
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There are most utilities are available in operating system to help computer hardware, software or other application problem. Like compression, disk cleanup utility, disk fragment, back up, system properties, firewall etc.
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