What Is A Website? Give Examples.


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Website is collections of web pages that contain both static and dynamic contents. A website is built using web programming languages like ASP, PHP JSP etc along with graphics programming like photoshop.     Once web pages are developed it is deployed to a central server so that every one in the world can access them and get required knowledge.     Eg : www.yahoo.com     Here http is called the protocol. Www is world wide web site. And it is not necessary that all website should have www. Yahoo is called the domain name. These domain names need to be bought separately before a websites can be deployed. Here com represent commercial site. There are other extension also.
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You should have not asked this question but never mind here are some examples

1. Http://www.yahoo.com
2. Http://www.google.com
3. Http://www.blurtit.com

(http) stands for hypertext transfer protocol

www is a prefix for all the websites and there are several suffixes like .com, .net, .edu, .org, .biz

and the name like yahoo, google they are assigned with an unique IP address.

In layman terms a website usually contains Images, Audio, Video, URLs, text etc.
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Website is the resultant of content which live on the internet. We can also say that there are bundle of web page linked to one website.

word Website is correct and web site also correct.

Google.com is the website example.

Facebook.com is also another example.

But there are many types of sites, as blog iste, social networking sites, news sites, personal site, educational, etc.

There are many many types.

Are you want to create website then read this lesson which can help you properly.

I want to share some knowledge with you guys,

Fundamental guidelines for you, website is created by web language which are computer language.

There are many language but HTML is specially used to create site.

HTML is use to create simple web structure.

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