What Are The Examples Of Peopleware?


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Peopleware refers to the work done by people in the computer industry. Together with the software and hardware, peopleware completes the three attributes of the highly dynamic computer technology. Peopleware plays a significant role in the development and advancement of the hardware and software systems, as well as programming, project management, interface design and the human-machine interaction.

The following are examples of Peopleware:

● Computer Engineers

The Computer Engineers are commonly engage in software design and application to address the needs of a particular industry or sector. The Computer Engineers are primarily responsible for the update in the software as well as providing additional customization of current software to ensure the system's functionality. In addition to this, the field of robotics needs the expertise of a Computer Engineer to improve its designs and functions proficiently.

● Software Engineers

The Software Engineer is primarily responsible for the design and development of the software of the computers, as well as its testing and evaluation. They usually work on computer chips to ensure that it is functioning well and suited to the company's needs.

● Information Technology Specialists

The IT Specialists are tasked to plan and coordinate the installation, operation, troubleshooting and maintenance of the computer's software and hardware systems. They ensure that the necessary security programs, procedures and policies are implemented to guaranty the company's data are safe and secure.

● Website Designer

Website designers engage in the construction of the navigation schemes of a website. Their job also includes putting together online content and applications in the internet. They also work on the web page's layout as well as the strategic placement of the useful and practical information about the website. At times, they are also responsible for conceptual design and branding.

● Computer Technicians

These technicians are in charge with the repair and maintenance of computers and its servers. They also build or configure new hardware as well as installing and bringing up to date the software. They are also tasked with the creation and maintenance of computer networks.
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Peopleware is the word that is used to denote the work done by people in three core aspects

>computer technology



people ware uses these three things to work on, it doesn't matter either you are working as software developer or hardware maintenance or data entry. Any thing that is done by people on computer system regarding all three above given resources are people ware

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