What is UrTurn and what can we do on it that is different to other social networking?


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Adila Adila , Because I use it!, answered

Urturn is a new found craze and social media site that lets you share what you like, dislike and your own amazingness in simple terms! It's a great way to interact and although one may say that is it similar to the likes of Instagram and twitter, UrTurn uses a different direction of the market. Let's explore!

Take a look at my account posts for example (mainly consists of boyband craze!) But here I am posting about the things I love and encouraging other users to copy me and post similar to me! One of my posts consists of a collage of Westlife on their last TV appearance with the question 'What's you fav Westlife memory'? Then at the bottom is a little icon saying 'UrTurn' and upon clicking this, users are encouraged to make their own pictures of their Fav moment of Westlife! It could work for blurtit too! It's all about sharing and persuading others to love what you love! 8)

Just like above!

Its quick and easy! And it's pretty fun! There's plenty more features! You can doodle, you can draw your own, you can make a poll, you can create a VS, you can post links to your website with a funny image and UrTurn post, it's pretty much awesome!

And take a look how you can share your answers and encourage other users to check them out too!

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Thanks Addilynn! A great explanation :)

As you said, Urturn enables a new type of social interaction, allowing people to take their turn to express themselves.

Our app focuses on interaction rather than friend connections, allowing you to be as creative as you please. You can doodle on pics, magnify images, create a voting poll and share your fave tracks instantly - the possibilities are endless!

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