It has been reported that Facebook are losing members to Twitter and other social networks. Why do you think people are suddenly leaving Facebook?


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Noah Green answered

I'm not surprised in the least. Facebook has been having a lot of issues with vulnerability lately. For instance, my mom received a message from one of her friends this morning, asking why she tagged her in a picture of a man with his legs above his head. My mom did no such thing. It is clear, that my moms account was compromised. I have not heard much of anything about this happening with Twitter.

Now, that's just one reason. I think that if you want to "have a voice", Twitter is a much more effective outlet. I don't think people necessarily use Twitter to socialize (I use the word "socialize" loosely). I think they use it to make their voice heard, as well as to hear others' voices.

Why feel insignificant, when you can just make a Twitter?

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Mike J answered

I think it's not only because of the growth and simplicity of Twitter, but also the difficulty people are experiencing with Facebook. Facebook keeps changing its layout and is becoming filled with spammers, which isn't as much of a problem on Twitter. I would also think privacy concerns could be another reason people are leaving Facebook, because Twitter can also protect your privacy more.

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