I'm looking for a free social tool that captures data from RSS feeds and creates automated tweets, Facebook, LinkedIn and G+ posts. I found one called Twitter feed that apparently does the job. Are there any others you recommend?


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You might be interested in trying out the automation tool IFTTT (If This Then That) in conjunction with Buffer App to do what you are describing in the most automated way possible.

Here's a breakdown:

IFTTT allows you to create 'recipes' based on events or interactions.

For example, The "If" part would be linked to a specific RSS feed - this would be the "trigger" for an event.

And the event would then be the posts you want to send to your social media profile.

If you're posting to multiple profiles, I'd suggest you trigger an event using "Buffer App", a 3rd party social scheduling tool that allows you to schedule posts to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and G+

You can use a pre-made IFTTT recipe for this setup:

If you need any help getting this working, let me know!

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