Do You Think Facebook Should Be Allowed In Schools? Info: People Say That Students Can Communicate Better To Their Teacher By The Way That They Are Most Comfortable With, Which Is Facebook. Do You Agree With This?


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Sorry to say, but I disagree.
Teachers  can not have contact with students outside school hours.
And facebook is a chatting/socialising site, which in my opinion shouldn't be allowed in school.
You can write a letter or a note or whatever to your teacher. There are many other ways besides facebook.
Plus if Facebook was allowed bebo, myspace, masn, etc should be allowe dtoo.
Don't you think so....?
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Facebook and other social media should not be allowed in schools. In colleges or universities, maybe, but not in schools. Teens and kids are vulnerable in front of their classmates that can provoke bullying. Let me explain: Social media posts are about private life mostly. Education should be unbiased of tweets and messages. Besides, the statistics of the fast essay can be even worse: 84% of students use social media during their breaks, while 17% use them even during lesson time.

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YES! Facebook is awesome and we could get homework from them and stuff and
teachers could make their website on facebook and attach things like worksheets to it and it would be safe

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