Where Can I Look At My Middle School Yearbook Online For Free?


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There are many websites across the internet which claim to have yearbook photos online but unless your yearbook was made recently by a company who offer the option to view the yearbook online, it seems unlikely that you will ever be able to view every photo from your yearbook.

Websites such as,,,,,, are among the many websites which claim to have your yearbook photos. Realistically, however, it is unlikely you will find the entire yearbook online. It is possible to contact all of your old school friends through social networking sites like Facebook and FriendsReunited whereby you could ask for scanned copies of your yearbook or their old school photos to begin compiling you own online yearbook. are one of the many websites which allow you to create a book online and then allow friends to view it. Prices start from $10 and there are templates and ideas to help you get started.

Companies make huge amounts of money from students buying a hard copy of their yearbook and they would lose a considerable amount of money by providing a copy of it online. Unless a classmate has taken the time to upload every page of your yearbook, you are unlikely to find it. If it is some years since you graduated then it may take a combination of people to pool their photographs together in order to make a complete yearbook.

These days, social networking sites, such as Facebook, can provide an excellent way to keep in touch with old school friends and also view old photos to help you remember your old school or college days. Most people like to keep a hard copy of their yearbook but Facebook ensures there are a variety of photographs to browse through.
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On the internet you have to search yearbooks and it will bring you to a site you have to look through all their sites and find one that says (want to find you old yearbook) it is completely free try it I did and I was amazed at how much of a dork I was back then.

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