Which private messaging system do you prefer: Twitter's or Facebook's? Which one encourages more social connectivity, and how do you feel about strangers being able to send you a private message online?


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Adila Adila , Biased...I love Twitter!, answered

Twitter! I just love Twitter , I tweet like 100000000 times a day! (Okay well thats not possible but you know what I mean!) . Its just that , twitter seems to be more friendly , I don't know if thats just me!

Right , allow me to eloborate , when I was on facebook it seemed like it was a very restricted environment , on twitter I can say what I want without sounding weird! You can tell people on twitter what you're doing , and update it like a diary every 5 seconds and you still look normal! (Also because all of the Westlife lads are on there and I can twitter stalk them but lets keep them out of this one!) .

With twitter you have trends and it encourages more social interaction , I like easy and quick websites , simple to use! You log on and you tweet! You retweet what you like , reply to people you like , favourite what you love , DM people personal gossip and trend what you believe in! With Facebook you have all this timeline , and farmville and game invites , is it a social interaction website or what? A social networking sites should provide one purpose , to socialise with others over the world! Having too many features makes the site look confusing and irritating!

Plus on twitter you have fans and groups of certain artists , and people , you can easily interact with them and keep in touch your favourite people. You can also see what people are doing and share yours! Doesn's that sound amazing? On facebook nobody would care less what you were cooking or what you were watching LOL.

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It's interesting that, as communication gets more advanced, we want our websites to look simpler and simpler...

If you think Facebook looks crowded, I don't think you'll like Google Plus much!!!

What do you think of the Twitter DM vs Facebook private messaging issue though? Do you think it's worth asking people to follow each other before they can message in private or should it be open to everyone?
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No I think its definitely worth asking people to follow you to private message them. Otherwise it wouldn't be a private message if everyone and anyone could message you! Plus there are privacy issues , sometimes there are certain people we can't be sure of online and allowing them to DM you would mean you send and recieve personal messages. Plus the downside to twitter is that you can't actually block someone. Anyone can tweet you horrible things and when you block them they always manage to tweet you somehow!
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I prefer Facebook because I can write proper sentences. Twitter is a good tool to communicate snippets of information but it's not conducive to having a conversation. Or at least I haven't been able to have one yet. I can also find out more about people on Facebook so there is more to talk about. There is just more depth that's available with FB messenger.

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