Facebook or Tumblr? Which one do you prefer?


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I like Tumbl more than Facebook. I can create my blogs on Tumblr. If someone is interested in my blogs he do not have to register on Tumblr. There are many interesting Tumblr users. If someone wants to see what I publish on Facebook he have to register and add me as friend. Many Facebook users are rude and uninteresting.

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Facebook. I don't even know how to use Tumblr.

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Neither to be honest. Facebook used to be great in the early beginnings. Now it's just for old people sharing and posting religious and political nonsense. But it still works great as an address book.

Tumblr was fun and exciting. But the community is now made up of mostly HAES activist. They even made a word for it called Tumblrina.

When you're over 18 and out of high school, the only one you should really care about is LinkedIn. Maybe Instragram and Twitter if you're actually doing something interesting with your life.

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Goranko Knin
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Thare are many political and religious nonsenses on Facebook and Twitter. I avoid them.
Goranko Knin
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Facebook is used for sharing personal information and personal photos. It is a reason I don't like Facebook.
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Facebook.  Tumblr is more artsy, but Facebook is straight to the point.

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