How Do You Hide Messages On Facebook?


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If you're talking about instant chat messages that you use at the bottom of the screen, then it's as simple as clicking the blue bar at the top of the conversation. This blue bat is like the top of a window in the Windows operating system, and by clicking it you will see that the window minimises. This does not get rid of your conversation, but just like in the Windows operating system, it will minimise the chat, or the window, so that your messages are temporarily hidden from view.

This means that anybody looking at your screen will not be able to see what you are typing, meaning that the very essence of private chat is maintained - privacy!

If you are talking about your inbox messages, however, then that must mean you are concerned about somebody who is able to access your account. This really should not be the case as it is important for you to keep your password secret at all times. Your password is personal and if it is used for a number of different things, then giving out to people could compromise your online security. If you are dead set on making sure that people can still access your account, however, you will be able to hide your messages by deleting them. In every conversation there will be an option for you to delete entire conversation threads, or individual messages either from you or your friend. If you really want to hide them from whoever is looking on your account then you can do this by deleting threads or deleting conversations.

This should work, but you must remember that you will not be deleting them from existence. Even if you delete the conversation on your own Facebook account, the messages will still exist on the other person's account. Hence, you could still have somebody reading your messages if they have access, somehow, to the account of the person that you gave been talking to on Facebook.
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You can go to the news feed pr home page and hit the hide button or you can delete them from your page all together
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You can set that in your email settings.

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