How To Send A Link To A Friend On Facebook?


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Liam Sheasby answered
To link a friend using Facebook you simply need to paste the URL address of the webpage or image you were browsing. To do this, right click on the image and left click on Copy Image Location. Alternatively, left click on the URL bar of your browser. This should highlight the address bar in a blue block. If it doesn't then try double clicking, or holding the left button and dragging to highlight the bar. Either right click and Copy or push Control and C together to make a copy.

Then paste it in to the conversation window of your choice. You can do this by pushing Control and V or right clicking and left clicking on Paste. Just press Enter or Post Comment afterwards and the message will send.

  • What is Facebook?
Facebook is the world's largest social networking site. As of July 2011 it has 750 million active members using its site. The site acts as a social gathering point; aggregating news from amongst friends to keep everyone up to date and in contact with each other. People can see page to page conversations that friends have, as well as the images, videos, links and information they share (depending on privacy settings).

  • How do I register?
Simply go to the website,, and click Sign Up/Register. You will then input your contact details and some personal details and generate a profile page.

  • How do I add a friend?
On Facebook there are functions to assist this. You can import contacts from other services such as Windows Live Messenger - simply search your friends' names in the Search Bar, or add a friend or two and receive Friend Recommendations.

  • How do I communicate with my friend?
You can visit your friend's profile page and leave a comment, or, if they are online, click and open a Chat window for Facebook's instant messaging.

  • Then can I link URLs to them?
Yes. Just follow the initial steps and you will be able to link your friend a webpage or web image.
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Ross Wilson answered
Copy the link to your Clipboard and then go to their page and paste in the box where you post something on to their wall.
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sales pauls answered
How do I send people on facebook links to my items I have for sale
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Go to facebook, I'm sure they will have some instructions there on how to do this, if not someone on facebook may be able to help

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