How can I send a video message to someone on facebook without posting it on their wall?


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If you want to send a video message to someone on Facebook and not put it on their wall where other people can see it, there is one way you can do it. Send the URL in a private message and only they will see it. Otherwise if you use their wall or post it on your wall, it will be visible to everyone on your friend list unless you use the group option that is available on Facebook.

If you only want certain people to see certain things on Facebook, you can create a group in which you only include the people you want to see specific things. To create a special group, take the following steps:

  • Go to the account pull-down menu
  • Click on Edit Friends
  • Click on the button on top that says Create a List

Now include on this list only the people you want to see certain things on your Facebook account. Once you have picked all the people you want to include, click the button on the bottom of the window that says Create List, or hit the Cancel button if you want to start all over again.

Now that you have this custom list, you can use it with any post you make on Facebook. When you are ready to post a video, a status update, or anything else, you can choose to only let people who are on this special list to see the post. Otherwise, everyone on your friend list will be able to see the post. There is no limit to the number of lists you can make and you can use any list to manipulate who sees what on your Facebook account. Use this method and private messages to control who sees potentially sensitive information on your Facebook account at all times.

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