How Do I Send Someone A Video On MySpace?


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Louise Gorman answered
On the main MySpace page, click on 'videos' at the top (it's listed between 'Events' and 'Music').

This will take you to the video section. Here, you can choose any video that you like and send it to a friend. You can either select a featured video, browse through the list, or select one of your own videos.

When you have selected a video you wish to send, click on 'email this' (you have to be logged in to your MySpace account to do this). Once you have clicked on this, enter the email address of the person you would like to send the video to. You can enter a personal message in the box below if you wish.

Also you can choose any of the other options to send the video. Clicking on 'bulletin this', for example, will send the video as a bulletin to everyone on your friends list. Or you can add it as a blog or place it on your profile page.

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