How To Impress A Girl On Facebook?


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OK, so you like this girl and want to impress her on Facebook. If you want to get her attention there are a few things you could try but there are also some big no no's you should avoid too, these are perhaps even more important than the things you should do, stay clear of these and impressing her should be easy:

  • Try not to come across as a 'stalker.' Yes, you can like her comments and comment on her status updates but do not do it every second of the day or you may start to creep her out. Her friends will also be able to see the activity too and you could end up embarrassing her.
  • When she uploads photos of herself wait a while for other people to comment on her photos first. Then write something like "you look very pretty in this", but again, don't comment on her every page.
  • If you are on Facebook Chat and she is too, just start off a conversation with something general like saying. "hey what are you up to tonight?" If she doesn't respond do not write to her again as this may come across as being very intense.

Some of the positive things you can do include:
  • Try to post funny status updates you think will make her laugh. Who knows she could even comment on them and this will help start a conversation online.
  • Look at her interests page on the 'about me' section and find out about the type of music or movies she likes. Join similar pages or post music videos on your page you think she might like. Don't try too hard though and definitely do not pretend to be into Justin Beiber as she will see right through that.
  • If you are holding a party or event, invite her to the page. She will like the fact you thought of her and if you invite a few mutual friends too she will be more likely to turn up.
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Put a picture of your fine automobile on your page along with your fine annual salary, nothing works like $60,000 a year and a shiny bmw.

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