How To I Delete Pictures On My Facebook?


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I save a picture of me/hubby that someone had on their face book that I did not like (it was of me/hubby). I thought I was saving it to on my desktop pics so I could show my husband. But now I see it on my Facebook profile and I hate the pictures I accidently added to my facebook pictures. Please how do I delete these pictures I accidently added. Help please!! Fast please.
Thank you much!
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There are 2 ways you can delete photos.
1. Go to the photo you want to delete and go to the bottom right hand side and press "delete photo"
2. Go to the album that the photo that you want to delete is in, then press "edit albun" at the top, then press the "edit photos" button, then press the square that says "delete photo" so you can delete more at a time!

Number 2 works faster!
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For iPhone app it's not possible, however, if you open facebook on safari and access it as a computer window simply go to edit profile, edit photos, and remove tag. Worked for me and you don't have to delete friend. Hope this helps cause I received absolutely none.
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If someone else added the pic, you can't delete it
if you added it, click on it and there should be a delete picture link on the bottom right hand side
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Here's how you do it.
Go to the pic your want to delete.
Where it says : In this photo: "your name" (photos/remove tag).
Just click on "remove tag" your done.
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This is a Right !!!!
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I'm trying to delete pictures that were posted in my album. Does anyone know how I can delete them and keep others from posting pictures on my account? Thank you
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Simple: go to your profile and select one of your pictures, click on 'Options' and then 'Delete'. 

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Click on photos of me, then click on the picture, and at the bottom click remove tag. Then go tweak changes to your settings.
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You can only delete pictures you have added simply go in in photos tab and there you will find a link to delete the photos. Click on the link.

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