How Do I Restore Old Deleted Messages On Facebook That My Boyfriend Deleted?


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Once a message has been correctly deleted from a user's inbox or sent box it will no longer be available for them to view. The only trace of the message will be available through the person's account who received the message providing that they too have not deleted the message.

If the message you are looking to retrieve has been deleted from your account then the only options available to you would be to ask the person who received your message to send it back to you, or to check through chat logs to see if it has not actually been deleted.

  • The bad news

Other than that, if the message has been properly deleted then there is no way of getting it back.

Facebook has recently revamped its messaging system so that conversations had in the instant messaging service will become one big message feed. This feed will include all messages sent via chat, inbox messaging, Facebook email messaging, text messages.

  • Don't hack

However - if the message you are trying to receive is one that was exchanged through another person's account, then it is very likely that you are invading the privacy of that person.

Although you may already know the password of this account, it is still regarded morally unacceptable to gain access to a person's personal account without their permission. You should think carefully before proceeding with what you are doing and consider the consequences it may have as a result.

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