How Can I Retrieve Instant Messages That Were Deleted From My Archive?


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I'm desperate to retrieve two messages I sent to Tracey Houston...can you PLEASE help me get those back...I'm desperate...thanks
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You Could try Yahoo! Web Messenger. There is a message history that is server-based and might provide access to your message history, at least to some degree. Also try looking in your PC's "RECYLER" file where you might find deleted message archives in a .that file. From there you would have to figure out how to open the .that file using whatever program created it. That program might be Yahoo! Messenger itself and/or something else. It would probably be best to be logged into YIM while doing this under the username you're trying to retrieve as this might be needed to make any progress.

Also you might find the message still on your PC but encrypted. This opens a whole can of worms as to find out the encrypting program and using it to read the message. Enlist the help of someone well versed in this as it can eat up hours and hours trying to figure it out yourself.
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SORRY!  If you have deleted them, You cannot retrieve them they will not be found in your trash
I have use yahoo messenger for over 10 yrs and have never been able to retrieve deleted messages
You do know that you can save them by enabling the archives
Open yahoo Messenger
>>Archive tab
enable Yes, save all my messages
enable Yes save my call history
click OK
from this point forward, you will be able to go back and read any of your message history
Open messenger
Contacts (menu)
>>Message Archive
click on it
then you can view it

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The setback of archived messages is that they are very hard to retrieve if they have been deleted. These archives are encrypted and saved with .that extension in hard drive:
C: Program Files Yahoo Messenger Profiles username  Archive Messages

Once the archives are deleted then you can try your luck by using any recovery software like:

and so on. By using such soft-wares you don’t have to scan your entire C drive. Just mention the address like: C: Program Files Yahoo! Messenger Profiles …. And the software will recover the data for you.

I hope this might help.

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You should be able to pull up deleted messages by clicking on deleted messages, or you can look at the history of your computer and it should be in there, if not, I don't really know what else you can do. Hope this helps though.
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Last night I sign out of my at&t yahoo messenger and I retrieve messages and then I went to sign back in and it showed that I missed messages. HOW do I get back 2 read them messages from last night???
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Okay, that last answer was highly irrelvant and therefore unhelpful as you were asking how to retrieve deleted INSTANT MESSAGES not EMAILS. As far as I know, there is no "domestic" way to retrieve deleted instant messages. You could try a file recovery program if it was fairly recently that you deleted the instant messages. Other than that I'm not sure that it's possible. It probably is though considering that law enforcement officers are able to retrieve old IMs from hard drives of sexual predators, but then again, they are law officers.
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didnt delete them they automatically deleted as they were read  how do I get them back
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Well there is only one way to retrieve the emails that were deleted from your achieves. First of all you should check your trash can because once you delete your any mail from your inbox of the trash can then you can easily retrieve them from the trash box of your email because once the mail is deleted from the inbox it goes directly to the inbox so you can easily recover your deleted mails from the trash can. But if once the mails are deleted from the inbox the trash can just contain the email for a shorter period of time lets say like for one week only. So the trash can setting should be defined in order to keep the deleted mails for the longer period of time.

So when you want to back the deleted mails it is only possible when you can retrieve those mails from the trash can after the short period of time since you deleted your email. So this is the only way you have in order to retrieve the mails which have been deleted from the inbox.
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In my Archive folder my inbox was not there, i check with all folders but am not able to got, if it was deleted how could i retrieve that inbox folder? The missing folder was keep in my Archived file(pst). Please very urgent.........?????

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