What Is The Confirmation Reset Code For Facebook?


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I feel your pain dude/dudette, if I was locked out of Facebook I'd be totally lost.

I've had a quick hunt around and from what I gather the 'Confirmation Reset Code' refers to the gibberish like password that Facebook would send you if and when you lose or can't remember your current password and have requested a new one. The confusion may arise from the fact that Facebook does not seem to use the phrase 'Confirmation Reset Code' but rather the more straight forward 'password reset code'. This is randomly generated and different for each user.

To access this code if you are being prompted for it, you would need to check the primary email address associated with your account most likely to be the one you used to set up your account. Remember to check your junk folder. Then copy and paste this code from the email into the box that would be displayed on the screen. (

Unfortunately they will not send you a copy of your password for security reasons and you have to go through the previously described palaver.

However if you still can't find the required code then remember to check the inbox of all email addresses and mobile numbers to which you may have sent the password reset email.

Try again, but if after requesting a password reset a second time, you still do not receive the email, wait 24 hours before trying again. They may be experiencing temporary site issues that are affecting password reset emails (

If you're still not receiving the password reset email after trying the steps above, contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to make sure they're not blocking email traffic coming from Facebook.

Hope this helps

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Jennifer Vinget , (1-855-999-1734)For Reset Code Issue-Facebook Customer Support Number, answered

Facebook is very important for a new generation.Sometimes login issues occurred on Facebook. If you log out your account then nobody can use It If Reset Code Related Issue Occurred Facebook so don't stress just contact Facebook Customer Support Number which is given below:  1-855-999-1734

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William Adams , your email address or maybe your Phone number, answered

Well, the code was sent to your email address or maybe your Phone number it depends on the choice you made before asking the recovered code or the settings you did to your facebook profile. I friend of mine had the same issue during the Abu Dhabi Sightseeing and he simply chooses the phone number's option and that's how she recovered her account.

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