How Do I Delete Wall Post In Facebook? What Does Hover Mean?


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Jake Kirby answered
To delete a wall post put the little pointy end of your mouse on top of the picture or any part of the post and you should see a little icon on the far right side of the post that says "Remove" click that and it will delete the post.

Hover means that something in above or around something else depending on the situation. A helicopter hovers above the ground means that it is not on the ground but right above it. Or you could think of a hovercraft which is a vehicle that can be used on land or water because it appears to be floating where actually it is just hovering because a lot of air is forced downward from the vehicle.

People can hover around groups or around other people but I bet you were asking about a mouse hovering over something arent you? Like I mentioned, it just means to have your mouse right above something as if the mouse were in between you and whatever the mouse is on top of like a wall post for example!! When you hover your mouse over a wall post the "Remove" icon will appear and then you can delete your wall post!!!

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