My wife and i cant see each others friends' posts on our facebook pages. How do we change it so we can see each others full wall?


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Abi Ainscough answered
Simply go to the "Account settings" tab found on the upper right hand side of the page. There, settings may be customized as to whether or not privacy settings are set to the type you want, with choices ranging from who you want to see your posts, photos, or videos, or whether you want your wall seen by everyone or just your friends, and vice versa.

  • The appeal of being connected to the people you love via social media

One of the many reasons people are hooked into this type of social networking sites, is mainly to have their contents such as notes, photos, or videos, reach far and wide, to a broader horizon, so to speak. However, there are some who opt not to divulge such contents to all, choosing only some of those who they want said contents be made available for viewing.

Since it is a site made open and available to all, whoever signs up and joins must have understood the reach this site offers, as this can cause serious harm and danger to one's privacy.

Account settings must be made personalized, suiting the level of openness you want to be made available in public. Privacy settings should be customized with regards to what you are willing to share to the many users of Facebook.

  • Be wary of privacy settings on Facebook

It's true that networking sites such as Facebook may be beneficial to many, in a sense that it can bridge the gap from different walks of life, to places far and beyond, but it is also imperative to be cautious of the contents shown, shared, and made available for the public to see. After all, it is still only you who does all the clicking. Be cautious of the level of privacy you want everyone else to see. Click wisely!

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