What Is The Money Cheat On Mini Planet?


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There is a way to get coins for nothing on MiniPlanet on Facebook but it is not very ethical, so perhaps you need to examine your conscience before you try it. You can send an email to them and say that you have been scammed or that you logged on and your coins were missing. You will have to tell them how much is missing and give them your Facebook contact details and within 24 hours they will give you this amount.

This information is freely available on a Facebook chat page so it probably will not be long before the people behind MiniPlanet become aware of the situation because of the numbers of unscrupulous people who are scamming them.

If you decide to type cheats for MiniPlanet into a search engine, you will find some YouTube suggestions, but on the whole the opinion seems to be that the only way to get gold or coins for free is by tricking somebody else into giving them to you, which really takes the fun out of playing. A legitimate way of getting money on MiniPlanet on Facebook is to take part in the weekly game; you never know, you could be a winner and get 15,000 coins for free.

MiniPlanet is an app that you can play on Facebook or on Bebo, and is a free, fun interactive game that allows you to play games and build your own world.

Currently on Facebook there are 294,306 active players each month, and of the 3,886 reviews that it has been given, the overall mark that it has been given is three and a half out of five.
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You say you cane duble they money and they give it to you
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There is no cheat for getting money on MiniPlanet that is something fake they do they want you to accept the trade they will take your money and run. Just clean your freinds pads everyday and run your store, Save it up and there you go :)
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Click on someone and then add them as a Buddy and then go visit pad and click on tm and there money comes up click on t ad it will add to your money and they will never No !!!

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