How To Know Who Viewed Me In Facebook?


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Facebook is the world's largest social networking site, with an estimated five hundred million users across the globe. As a result of its extraordinary success, the site has to go to even greater lengths than other rival networking websites to ensure the protection of its users privacy. This means that there are changeable security options available for every single Facebook user, allowing you to choose for yourself who is able to access your Facebook account, via the 'profile privacy page' on the website. In most cases only people that you verified as being your 'friends' will be able to go onto your account and have access to the majority of your information, that is, those people who aren't your friends won't be able to see anything on your profile apart from your profile picture and basic information consisting of your name, date of birth etc. This means that as long as you are aware of how to use the aforementioned privacy settings, then there is no need to worry about anyone accessing your personal information unless you have specifically given them your permission. Essentially the only people who will have viewed your account in any great detail will have to be people you know well enough to have accepted as a 'friend'. However, if you want to know in greater detail who has been viewing your profile, for reasons other than security, then your options are unfortunately limited. Because of the magnitude of the website's user base, and the freedom it offers users to access each others accounts, it is quite possibly  not even possible for the website to keep track of every person's views, whilst maintaining  high standard of service for its users. At least Facebook does not at this time provide the ability to track everyone who is viewing your profile, or indeed certain parts of your profile such as pictures that you have been tagged in. Quite often when on the site you may see Applications that seem to offer this service. Yet the website itself is keen to explain that any outside company claiming to offer such a service is breaking Facebook policy by claiming to offer a false service. Facebook in fact asks users to report such Applications on its 'About' page by clicking on the 'Report Application' button. If you want more detailed  information about Facebook's policy on these matters then I suggest that you go onto the Facebook website itself :
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Join the group. Get notifications when people view my profile
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I was wondering about this only the other night...
I contacted Facebook to ask and they got back to me yesterday.
Basically, the answer is no. They said that at present, they do not have the facility to allow us to check that. Furthermore, they do not think that they will be able to provide us with that service in the near future.

It's weird though, I felt kinda relieved knowing that. The thing is, I don't mind finding out who viewed my profile-but I don't want people finding out about how nosey I've been. Lol!
(I check up on an ex boyfriend regularly..Imagine my embarrassment if he found out! :-( )
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There are many non-facebook apps on the internet!!..... Run them and let them calculate
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Facebook says they have no app for they cannot help us to solve that problem.

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