How To Browse Games In Facebook?


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It's so easy to browse games in Facebook - this social networking platform has its own search engine, so you just need to type in the word "games" and poke around. Another cool way to find new games in Facebook is to check your friend's Facebook pages and see what they are playing! Some popular Facebook games that people love to play (and some are really addictive!) include Bejeweled Blitz, Farmville, Scramble, Wordscraper, Vampire Wars, and Mafia Wars.

  • Fast and slow games

Some of these games are wonderful ways to pass a couple of minutes during the day - others are more strategy based, and they feature lots of separate challenges and missions. For example, Farmville is meant to be played for a long time, and players collect items they need from their farms and slowly build working farms they can enjoy for a very long time. People can interact with Facebook friends (or strangers) through multiplayer functions - for example, Scramble, a fast-paced word game that is so fun to play, is available to be played alone, with another friend, or with strangers on the Scramble live boards.

  • Play with others

All of these fun features are available in Facebook, and you just need to do a basic search for games to get the whole ball rolling. The best players will sometimes be accused of cheating, and may go so far as to videotape themselves playing the game without cheat software. People who really did cheat and somehow get caught may be banned from playing with others at Facebook.

Facebook is a fun place, but things, such as gaming on the site, can get really addictive, and drain away a lot of free time. Moderating how much time you spend on Facebook is a really good idea that you won't regret. If you want a quick game, or a game you can play in lightning fast rounds when you're online, try Scramble or Wordscraper.

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