How Do You Send Prank Text Messages?


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There are several factors required in a successful prank text. First, one requires anonymity; there's no point if the user knows who you are. Either pick a victim who doesn't know your number, or borrow some else's phone to add confusion to the mix. From here your options diverge:

If texting someone who doesn't know you:
Send texts that suggest that they should know you, to confuse them. Act strangely, perhaps implying that you are a person of then opposite gender who they have met but forgotten, thus creating embarrassment and lulls.
Secondly, you might try to be worrying, scary or just plain creepy. This approach should be tailored to the receiver; everyone has something they find unsettling, and it's your job to find out what that thing is. Find their buttons and push them, and amusement should follow.

If texting with a 'borrowed' phone:
Try to pick a phone belonging to someone who the victim knows, but not well. Preferably it should be someone who the victim finds attractive, for maximum embarrassment. This can also apply to people who the victim finds decidedly unattractive, for equal awkwardness.
This text should be suggestive and strange, in such a way that the victim will soon text back with questions or expletives. For maximum lulls, the phone should be returned to it;s owner with their knowing, so that when the victim texts back, the phone-owner will also be confused and embarrassed. The pair will then generate a vicious circle or awkwardness and embarrassment.
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You can send out one and make up a fake name. But they cannot reply. You just enter the name you want, and their cell number and select their service provider.

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