How Do You Send An Anonymous Text Message To Someone's Cell Phone?


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The only way you can send an anonymous text from a mobile phone is if you have an iPhone or G1 as you download an app to enable you to do this.  But, if you aren’t lucky enough to own one of these phones then the simple answer is, you can’t send an anonymous text from your phone without your number being attached to the message.

But, if you really want to send an anonymous text message, there are multiple sites you can do this on for free on the Internet. One site which allows you to not only send, but receive free text messages, is which allows you to send a certain amount of text messages per day and simply requires the number it is going to, the message and a random sequence of numbers and letters to be entered to ensure you are not a robot. There are many other sites out there which have the same function and allow you to send a text message without it being linked to a mobile phone or even a name.

But, you can still make an anonymous call from your mobile though by typing 141 and then the phone number straight after. Then when you make the call it will come up as unknown or withheld number on the other person’s mobile or landline.
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You can't send a unknown text , you can only call unknown
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You can send an anonymous text if you send it from the website of the persons cell phone carrier.  For example, if the person you want to send the text to has Verizon Wireless, you would go to the Verizon Wireless website and click on the link "send a text message" and do it from there.  The screen will ask for the contact information but you can leave it blank or put the wrong numbers in the fields.

Hope this helps!!
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There are several ways to sms someone's mobile phone without using a cell phone, the applications fall under the category of SMS Gateway. There are a few websites that provide free sms services as well anonymously.
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You can use a free texting site like ( Great free texting site. Lots of other features also.
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You can't because the cell phone company must know how sent the message so they can reply

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