How To Reformat Sony Ericsson C510 Phone?


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Dear Concern:

On My new C510a: I used the integrated facebook application for my social communication & that's why I bought this phone.

BUT UNFORTUNATELY, The Facebook app is missing after updating the phone software (Current version is: 1212-2405 R1HA035 091210). I noticed that the integrated Youtube is also missing now.

Feeling So Sad...

Will seek assistance regarding this. By the way, Can I go back & install the older firmware bcoz Facebook is important to me. (I don't like to install third party applications for facebooking)

-Ripan Chowdhury
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Follow the instructions shown in the manual under the section for "Master Reset". Remember some manufacturer's resets cause wiping of the full memory of the phone, so make sure all important contacts & files are backed up either by MicroSD card or to a computer via mini-USB connection.

If you've lost your manual, you can get that from If your still having trouble, give their reps a call at

Hope this helps!

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