How To Reformat Sony Ericsson K850i Manually?


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The easiest way in which to reformat a Song Ericsson K850i handset manually is by resetting it. To do this, go into the phone's 'settings' menu and select the option 'master reset'. Allow this process to take place (this may involve turning off your phone, then turning it back on). After the reset, the handset should be reformatted; the software will return back to how it was when the phone was first purchased. If this process does not work, you should take your Song Ericsson K850i into a mobile phone store. Workers in the store may be able to use specialist software to reformat the phone for you (although if you have no insurance or warranty, this may incur a small cost).

• Why reformat your handset

Reformatting your handset is the highly recommended course of action before selling or passing on your handset. This is because the process erases all your personal data from the mobile phone, to prevent others from seeing it. It also gives the appearance of a brand new handset (in terms of software, at least). In addition, reformatting your handset can solve a number of software problems. It may stop your phone from freezing or suddenly turning off without reason. If you have a problem with your handset that isn't solved by turning the phone off and on, you should try reformatting your phone before seeking professional help (which could be costly).

• Song Ericsson K850i

The Song Ericsson K850i, also known as the walkman phone, was one of the first phones to offer the capacity to store a large number of songs within the phone. The sliding phone was incredibly popular, particularly amongst the younger generation, upon its release in 2006. It is available in a variety of colors and is still on the market today.

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