How Do I Hard Reset My Samsung SGH-A177 Cell Phone?


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According to the following steps are how to reset your phone.

1. When the phone is in standby mode press the Menu button
2. Select settings
3. Select phone
4. Press ok
5. Enter your password and then press ok
6. You may be prompted to enter the password again
7. Press ok to restore the phone settings to defaults and delete your user data.

This is one way to reset your phone. If you need a reset because you are locked out of you phone you should try the following:

* Let the phone die then take out the battery.
* If possible remove the SIM card.
* After a few minutes put the SIM card and battery back into the phone.
* You will want to charge the phone back up.
* Once the phone is charged and turned back on you should have cleared out the request for a password by setting the phone back to default. This does not always work, but on most phones it will.

If the phone remains locked, you will want to call a Samsung representative or your phone service provider. One of these companies should be able to tell you if there is anything you can do. Some people will tell you there is software you can use, but beware. These software downloads they tell you about could harm your computer and your phone. In fact, they could try to steal your private information.

If nothing seems to work then you will need to consider what you might have used for the phone. Most people will unconsciously use numbers that mean something to them. Many of us tend to do so consciously so it is probably something from your current lifestyle or past.

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