How Do I Unlock My Samsung SCH-R355C Straight Talk Phone If I Have Reset Security Code And Forgot It?


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It is likely that if you want to unlock your phone after forgetting the security code and do not want to lose all of your details by master resetting it you will need to contact a customer service advisor at Samsung or your mobile network provider. The first place you can contact is the shop where you purchased your mobile phone. They may have faced a similar problem when dealing with a customer in the past and might be able to offer you some advice for the situation.

If they cannot help you directly, they may be able to pass you on to someone else who can or advise you about who to try contacting next. The other contact that may be useful is through Samsung directly. All of Samsung's support services and helpline numbers can be found online on their website at Once you have got hold of someone who is able to help, they should be able to talk you through the process, if it is something you can carry out at home, or tell you what to do next. It may be a case that you will be required to send your phone off for it to be reset. Make sure that anything from your phone is backed up. Even if the phone is locked, you may still be able to access its content through a USB connection providing you have the right software.

If you do manage to get the security number reset on your mobile phone, make sure that you make a note of it for the future. Try to use something that is memorable but not too obvious. Rather than go for your date of birth, use a spouse's or family member's. Don't make it too long as four digits should be sufficient. If you do make a note of your security code, make sure that no one else can find it and read it. A security code is not very secure if there are a number of people who know what it is!
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The security code on most cell phones is the last 4 digits of your cell phone number

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