How Do I Download Java Script On My Samsung R430 Cell Phone?


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  • Download Java Script
There is a website called which promises to have a huge variety of Java Script downloads for your cell phone. There are many there which all claim to be safe downloads, but downloading from unknown websites can be risky as there is a chance you could download a virus.

If you do decide to do this, you can download the Java Script file to your computer and then connect your phone to your computer via the cable provided when you bought the phone. You should then be able to apply it to your phone.

  • Java Script already present on Samsung phones
Most Samsung phones will be bought with Java script already enabled on them; which means they can carry out a huge variety of different functions. Java script is usually used to develop the programs on mobile phones such as all the apps and different games that are now available.

  • Typical Java Script errors
A common problem on Samsung phones is that web browsers will suddenly stop working and will require Java Script to log in to certain website; particularly chat websites. This can be extremely frustrating, especially if the website worked previously.

Unfortunately, the team at Samsung seem to have done very little to fix the problem and do not appear to fully understand it, so no clear advice has been given to customers who experience the issue.

  • Download update

The problem may occur when Java Script is updated so you should try to stay updated and there is a chance that downloading the latest version may fix the problem. If you are every prompted to download the latest version, you should always do it as it can cause problems later on.

  • Take it back to the phone shop
Alternatively, take your phone to the shop you bought it from and they should have an expert on hand to fix the problem.

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