How To Enable Java On A Cricket Based Samsung R560?


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  • Contact first
First of all, you should contact Cricket for some help and support because most Samsung phones should usually come fully equipped with Java capabilities and you should already have this on your phone when you buy it. If your phone does not come with Java, it may not always be worth applying it. If the phone was not designed to enable Java, it will struggle with the applications you will be trying to load and it is often better to invest in a phone that was designed to have Java.

  • Download
It is possible to download Java onto your Cricket-based Samsung R560 by visiting a website called This website has a massive variety of Java Script downloads for your cell phone. There are a variety to choose from and although they all say they are safe downloads it can often be risky to download anything from an unknown website because it is possible that could download a virus. If you do decide to download Java Script from this website, you can download the JavaScript file to your computer and the transfer it onto your phone.

Samsung phones should be bought with Java Script already enabled on. Java Script enables you to carry out many different functions. Mobile phones are no longer simply used for calling and texting people. They are used to browse the Internet, use video calling software such as Skype, play games, read the newspaper, listen to music and download music and a massive variety of other things which makes them invaluable tools in our everyday lives. This is why we need Java on our phones in order to carry out all these functions that we have come to reply upon.

It does seem to be a common problem on Samsung phones whereby web browsers will suddenly say that Java needs to be enabled. This seems to happen most commonly when users are trying to use instant messaging.

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