How do I enable Java Script on a LG Imprint mn240 thro MetroPcs?


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I'm afraid that there is not much information available on this issue however, you should check to see if you have an installed browser on your phone that allows you to activate Javascript. In addition, you may simply need to update your phone to obtain this feature.

  • Instant Messaging Application
There is however, a way to add other programs and features on your phone such as AIM, an instant messaging service created by AOL.

  • Step 1
In order to receive this program you will firstly need to find the 'web browser' icon on your phone and click on it to access the internet. Once you're online you should type in '' in the search bar and click on enter.

  • Step 2
After you've arrived at the appropriate site then you should select the 'mobile web' option that should be displayed on you phone's screen. Find the AIM section and underneath you should see the option 'send to my phone'. If this appears then select it and you will move on to the next step.

  • Step 3
You should fill in your cell phone number and then click on 'send' so the application knows where to send the program to. You should receive a text message from AOL with a link taking you to the installation process.

  • Step 4
Once you have accessed the text message you should select the link that is provided in the message from AOL and then the AIM application will take you through the installation process.

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