How To Remove Password Samsung Sgh M620?


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Assuming that this is a case of a password that has never been changed, trying the general default codes, such as four zeros, four ones or the sequence 1234, or as is the case with many cellphones, the last four digits of the phones number might do the trick.

  • Forgotten Password
If the user has changed the password from the default and forgotten the new password, there are several other options. One is to simply contact the provider and ask them to retrieve the password. The operator will give instructions as to what information is required in order to retrieve the information.

  • Resetting the Phone
It is possible to overcome a forgotten password by resetting the phone completely. This can be done by typing *2767*3855# into the phone. This will, however, erase all data stored on the phone. Attaching the phone to the computer and using the software originally provided with the phone usually also provides options to reset the phone, often with the ability to retain stored data.

  • Unlocking Software
Alternatively, the user could try unlocking via downloadable unlocking software, such as the Nokia Free Unlock Code Calculator. This will work on Samsung phones, although it appears that it may only work for those on European networks. Users in the US may have to use the unlocker available from FastGSM, although this will cost $9.99.

  • Someone Else' Phone
If this phone belongs to someone else, unlocking should not be attempted. Instead, if the phone has been found, the phone should either be handed in to the nearest police station, or attempts to locate the rightful owner should be made. Contacting the provider and giving them the details of the phone should enable them to track the owner. Collection by the owner can then be arranged quite easily.
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Try default codes such as 0000
or try resetting your phone
disclaimer: All information save on your phone's memory will be erase

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