How To Unlock Samsung Sgh T229?


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The Samsung SGH T229 is a popular cellular phone sold throughout the USA by the network T-mobile. A simple flip-style phone, it has features that include a 0.6 Mega Pixel camera, Blue Tooth technology and a 1000 entry phone book.

Phone networks such as T-Mobile install software on their cell phones to restrict usage to that particular network, known as 'locking'. Users wishing to unlock their phone need to access an 'unlock code', which is generated to an individual device's International Mobile Equipment Identity Number (IMEI).

The following steps should help in unlocking your Samsung SGH T229. However, it is always worth consulting your instruction manual or visiting the shop you originally purchased the phone from.

  • Power on your Samsung T229 and press the *#06# keys. This will display your phone's IMEI number, note this down as it will be needed later.

  • Call T-Mobile and ask the customer service representative for the telephone's unlock code. The representative will ask for your phone's IMEI number, and give you an unlock code. Note this down as you will need the number later on.

  • Remove the SIM card from your Samsung T229. This can be located underneath the battery.

  • Power on the Samsung T229 without the SIM.

  • Type using your telephone's key pad - #7465625*638*UNLOCK CODE. For the unlock code portion you are required to enter the eight-digit code you obtained from T-Mobile.

  • Finally, wait for your phone to display the message, 'Network Lock Deactivated'. Your phone will automatically reboot after displaying this message.
Once your phone has shown this message your cell phone should be successfully unlocked, and therefore be able to operate on another network provider.

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