How to unlock a samsung sgh-a927?


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Samsung mobile phones have several ways of unlocking. In doing so, you are advised to be very careful in entering the necessary unlock codes for your phones. This is because, there are instances where the wrong unlock codes for Samsung SGH-A927 will make your phone hard locked and at times ineffectual.

The Samsung SGH-A927 being one of Samsung's innovative phone model because it has the fun and convenience of a touch screen and QWERTY keyboard. Users are delighted to navigate and access this phone with its features and the expanded menu by linking it to the internet. You can unlock your Samsung SGH-A927 phone by using either any of these options:

Option Number 1

● Turn on your Samsung SGH-A927 by using a "not accepted" SIM card
● Your Samsung SGH-A927 will ask for a password
● Simply enter the unlock code, which you can get from any authorized Samsung mobile phone provider

Option Number 2

You can use this option in case your Samsung SGH-A927 phone prompts a "Insert Correct SIM card" here's what you need to do:

● Turn on your Samsung SGH-A927 by using a "not accepted" SIM card
● Disregard the prompts and messages
● Try to use this instead: #0111*CODE#.
● If this does not work, you can repeat the process without inserting any SIM card.

In the above mentioned options the "not accepted SIM card" refers to a SIM card other than your network provider.

Additionally, it is important to know the following:

● Generally, Samsung phones have free unlock codes which are called reset codes. These codes will unlock your phone and at the same time reset the phone itself. Unlocking a Samsung phone may lead to the following:
  • Phone is unlockedThe phone is locked or "freeze" and in cases like this, the phone has to be fixed because the phone is literally useless
  • The IMEI is damaged. This is one of the worst case scenarios of your phone, because your mobile phone provider will be out of its coverage area of service.
  • Phone settings are reset which means some or all of your phone data will be lost and or there is bad or no phone reception at all.
● You can always go to an accredited Samsung phone store to unlock your Samsung SGH-A927. These stores have professional boxes like USTpro, NSpro, Tstbox and Z3X solutions for your phone needs. Again, use only the authorized solutions to avoid damage to your phone.

● There are also online solutions to unlock your Samsung SGH-A927. You can visit the online IMEI and this option is quite expensive and usually takes 5-7 days. Aside from this, you can also use an online cable for instant unlock. Those who are tech savvy can easily unlock their Samsung SGH- A927 by this method.

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