How Do I Find Out Who Owns A Cell Phone Number?


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Officially, there is no way of finding out who owns a cell phone number because that information should not be released. It is not possible to offer a single service that provides the name, address and cell phone number of a person because it would require every person who owns a cell phone to register with a specific database. There are, however, services available which offer some of this information. It cannot guarantee that you will find all of the information you require but if you are lucky, you may find the number or person you are looking for. This information may be found at a Professional Data Brokerage Service which allow you to perform reverse cell phone number lookups as well as search for unlisted numbers.
An example of a Professional Data Brokerage Service is It is extremely simple to use as you type in a phone number and it should tell you who owns it and what state they live in. If the person who owns the number has not registered the phone with any kind of database, it is unlikely that you will achieve any results, but if they have registered somewhere then you will be provided with their name. You can also find out a person’s number by typing in their first and last name and the state they live in to obtain their number.
Telephone Number Identification is a similar service ( whereby you type in the phone number and the website searches the database to find out who has been allocated that number.
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By scrolling through the phone numbers until you find the one that says HOME.
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Ask the carriers
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You can search for a those people who have cell phone numbers by going to the mobile service providers. They can give you the list of those who own cell phone numbers.

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