How To Unlock Nokia Keypad?


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According to Nokia support the method used to activate a Nokia keypad unlock and lock mechanism while in stand-by mode is first to press the center scroll key, known as the 'navi key' followed by pushing the star key. This will either secure the keypad or render it usable depending on the previous state it was in. It should be noted that telephone calls to an official emergency number night still be possible.

  • How to set the timer to automatically lock the keypad
It is also possible to have it so after a certain period of time the keypad will automatically lock. In order to do this, follow these instructions

1. First press the menu key
2. Select the option 'settings'
3. You will then need to select one of either Phone, Phone Settings or Device depending on the Nokia device owned.
4. Choose Automatic Keyguard and select 'On'
5. Input the desired time after which you would like the device to automatically lock

  • Enabling the security feature of the keypad lock
You can also set a code which once input will need to be used before the keypad can be used. To do this follow these steps:

1. Go to the device's main menu and select 'settings'
2. Choose the 'security' option
3. You will see an option called 'access codes' select this
4. If you the opt for 'change security code' you will be asked to input your current security code, this will be defaulted at 12345*
5. Click OK and enter the new security code, this should be anywhere between 5 and 10 digits long.
6. Click OK and you should see a message indicating your security code has been changed.

*If this is not the security code and you don't know what it could be then please contact your nearest Nokia dealer.
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How to unlock the keypad in nokia 5310? Give me ,please,the correct set of keys.I do not need code.
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Press menu button and press * quick
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Key pad security unlock code imei 355220039082545
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To unlock nokia key pad, unlock menu butto+*
this is one step, suppose unlock your hs walkin to nokia care or visit this site

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