How To Get Free Minutes For T-mobile?


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There are a few ways that you can get free minutes for T-mobile. Most of these ways are not 100% free as you have to do something to get them.

  • Topping you your pre pay cell phone.
T-mobile offer free minutes when you top up your pre pay cell phone a certain amount in the space of a month. If you exceed this amount T-mobile will give you free minutes or texts, depending on the offer at the time.

  • Pay monthly contract
With a pay monthly contract, T-mobile offer a certain number of 'free' minutes included in your plan. These are technically not free minutes as you are paying for the contract. You will get these minutes as they are included in your contract.

  • Helping T-mobile with their research
When you help T-mobile with their research, you will be offered free minutes or text messages. You will usually have to answer some questions over the phone, fill in a questionnaire or fill in an online form to get your free minutes. If you have a look on the T-mobile website, you will find these quite easily and you will then be able to enter as many of these as the website allows for you to get free minutes.

  • Having a complaint about T-mobile
When a customer has a legitimate complaint about T-mobile, the company frequently gives away free minutes as a goodwill gesture to the person that has had a problem. This does only happen if you havbe a real problem and they will not just give these out if you make up a complaint.

You should be able to find a way to get the right amount of minutes for your cell phone but if you do not feel like you have enough each month, contact them and see if you can change your contract.

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