How Can I Enlarge My Page So I Can Read It?


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Haha dudE!!.. We all tO how to minimize n maximize n close a screen!... The fb page itself has gOne into a small print setting or something like that!..
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I don't know what you have in the way of a pc, but screens on your monitor have 3 symbols at the far upper right side of the screen . The first one is large and when you click on it, it moves the program you're working on to the bottom left of the screen but doesn't shut it down or close it. You can click there and bring it up again. The 2nd. Symbol looks like 2 rectangles, kind of like a small and large Tv set. If you click on that when you wish to enlarge your view it will fill the screen. If you want it small again, just click that symbol again and it'll reduce the image.

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