What Are The Advantages Of Microsoft Paint?


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Microsoft Paint, first introduced with Windows 95, has over the last few years evolved into a quality image editing programme which has great versatility and is useful for both beginners and professional graphic artists alike.

The latest version comes complete with a set of realistic brushes, bringing pictures more to life than ever before.

One of its main advantages is its price, or lack of it. Supplied as part of the Windows operating system, it is, and always has been, free. So are enhancements, upgrades and/or any necessary bug fixes.

Extensive documentation, including hints, tips and tutorials available online makes it extremely user-friendly.

MS Paint does not have many of the features and options provided in other editing programmes. It does not, for instance, support filters, layers or transparency. Images can, however, be rotated, resized and merged.

Consisting of a small set of pens, brushes, a variety of other drawing tools and a convenient text tool to overlay text on top of images, it supports most popular image formats, such as bmp, jpg and gif.

Readily available with just a click or two, its simplicity allows quick resizing of an image or creation of a freehand drawing in seconds, something which often takes much more time when having to load a more complex programme.

It does not take long to learn how to use all the features of this simple programme, and budding artists only have to grasp a few basic concepts before they can begin to paint and edit or crop photos and images.

Enhancements to the Windows 7 version include a new ribbon, similar to the one used within the Office products. This simplifies navigation and gives users optimal experiences with a cleaner, much more ergonomic interface.

The advantages of MS Paint are simplicity, user-friendliness and cost-effectiveness.
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It is mainly you can use for some general editing in the images. But if you want more functions you need to install software like coral draw, photoshop.
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It has no advantages because it it too free hand and is hard to use.

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